Medical Imaging Systems for PhD in Medical Physics 3 units (17*3h)


1- Introduction to Medical Imaging

                                Medical Imaging system,  Introduction to Radiology


2- Background Materials (Specific to MSc in Med Physics)

                Object-Image Dependency, Convolution,,  Spatial Resolution & MTF 

3- Visual system evaluation and Perception

Visual Image Perception


4- Linear System Theory

Linear systems


5- x-ray Imaging Development 1

                                x-ray Obliquity


6- x-ray Imaging Development 2

x-ray Extended Source

7- x-ray Imaging Development 3 (& Total x-ray Analysis)

x-ray Source-Tilt and Motion


8- Screen Response Analysis

 Screen Analysis


9- x-ray Noise consideration and Scatter Analysis

Noise in Radiographic imaging   -   SNR in Radiographic imaging systems 


10- quiz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



11- Theory of sampling and quantization


12- Digital Radiology Analysis (System performance, evaluation, and comparison)


13- Theory of Image Reconstruction

 Image Reconstruction


14- CT Image Detection Analysis


15- Noise and SNR analysis in CT


16- Theory of  Phase Contrast Imaging

 Phase Contrast Imaging

17- Theory of Coherent Scattering Imaging

 Coherent Scattering Imaging

 Extra- Theory of Image Formation in MR




17-  Exam




1- Macovski A., Medical Imaging System

2- Ingram D & Bloch R . F . Mathematical Methods in Medicine .

3- Harrison H Barrett, W Swindell, Radiological Imaging; The Theory of Image formation.