X-ray Diagnosis Imaging Physics for MSc in Medical Physics (pre-requested for Imaging System)        

2 Units (16*2h)                     Update: 1-7-88


1) Background Materials (Specific to BSc)

                                  x-ray Production

2) Background Materials (Specific to BSc)

                                  x-ray Image formation

3) Background Materials (Specific to BSc)

                                  x-ray Interaction and Radiation Contrast


4) Mammography


5) Fluoroscopy


6) Various Components of x-ray Imaging System

                                  Imaging System Components

7) Image Quality (Noise, artefact)

x-ray Image Quality

8) Fourier Transform

                          Fourier Transform

9) Quiz 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧-

10) Digitization


11) Digital Radiology (DR, CR, DSA)

                                  Digital Radiology

12) Image Quality in Digital Radiology

                                  Image quality in Digital Radiology

13) Computerized Tomography (CT)

                                   CT Imaging

14) Image formation and Reconstruction in CT

                                  CT Image formation & Reconstruction

15) Image Quality in CT

                                   Image Quality in CT

16) Visualization and Enhancement in Digital imaging