X-ray Imaging Systems for MSc in Medical Physics - 2 Units (17*2h)  Update: 1-7-88


1) Background Materials (Specific to BSc)

                                  Introduction to x-ray Interaction and formation

2) Imaging system Components

                                  Imaging System Components

3) 2D Discrete Fourier Transform

                         DFT , 2D DFT Handout

4) Theory of Linear systems and Convolution, PSF & MTF measurement

                                  Object-Image Dependency, Convolution & LSI Systems

5) PSF, MTF and Spatial Resolution of x-ray systems

                                  Spatial Resolution and MTF of x-ray systems

7) Sampling and Quantization


8) Analysing and Evaluation of an Imaging System

                                  System Functionality Analysis

 9) Quiz 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧-


10) Digital Radiology


11) Digital Fluoroscopy & Angiography


12) Advanced systems in CT


13) Reconstruction Methods in CT

                                  CT Image Reconstruction

14) Image quality parameters and Artifacts in CT


15) Visualization and 3D Reconstruction in CT and DR


16) Quality Control and calibration of CT systems